nThis is my desire
nTo honor You
nLord, with all my heart
nI worship You
nAll I have within me
nI give You praise
nAll that I adore// Is in You
nLord, I give You my heart
nI give You my soul
nI live for you alone
nEvery breath that I take
nEvery moment I'm awake
nLord, have Your ways in me
너무 좋다잇 ::TToTT::

후렴부분 첫가사가 Lord, I give you my heart 잖아~ 난 이게 제목인 줄 알았음 ^^;

악보나 음원 검색해볼 사람 "Lord,"도 넣어보시길.. ㅎ

2009.05.04 06:50:07